Sunday, June 8, 2014

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is exactly the type of adorable book you want to read but never ever find yourself in. I mean, the premise of the book is that a man falls in love with a woman by reading her emails. Admittedly, he isn't entirely a creepy stalker--he does it because it's his job, but he begins to cross some lines fairly early on.

This is the third (and final until July 8th!) of Rowell's books I've devoured in a single sitting, so maybe I was predisposed to love it, but you guys, I loved it. Like I don't necessarily want someone reading all my emails (or texts since this is 2014 and no longer 1999 and emails are rarely used outside of businesses anymore), but if someone were to fall in love with me from reading all my blog posts, I'd be a little flattered and delighted.

I love how real Rowell's characters are. That's something I mentioned in my review of Fangirl and my review of Eleanor & Park. She writes people really really well. I can't think of a single character in any of her books where I've thought, eh that's not really a person--that's an idea. Attachments is no exception. Even though it's a love story where the people don't meet to start it off, it still felt real.

I would recommend this to people looking for good romances with character development. This is a book about how one person can make you want to be a better (or at least different) person.

Favorite Quotes (there's a bajillion of them, sorry!!):
"Money is a cruel thing. It's the thing that stands between you and the things you want and the people you love."
"No one I ever wanted to kiss wanted to kiss a fat girl."
"Nobody marries their first love. First love is just that. First. It's implied that something else will follow."
"She thought about how much space he took up in the world."
"Wasn't hitting bottom the thing you had to do to knock some sense into yourself? Wasn't hitting bottom the thing that showed you which way was up?"

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