Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Persuade Me

Published: 1817
Received: Bought for my Kindle

"If there is anything disagreeable going on men are always sure to get out of it."

Anne Elliot is 27 years old. She's becoming an old maid, destined to live as the supporter for her father and sisters without ever managing a match of her own. Her younger (and much more annoying sister) Mary has managed to find a man and have several children. Her older sister is guaranteed to find someone soon. And all Anne wants is to remember the man with whom she was betrothed eight years ago. She seems to be getting along, when none other than that man, Captain Wentworth comes back to town. 

I read this several years ago for class. It was my favorite of Austen's novels (yes, I'm that weird person), and as I reread it, I enjoyed it even more. As I'm quickly approaching Anne's age, I see both her despair and wish for her ease. I was also struck by how little has really changed. Austen writes about societal problems from a very specific privileged view, but many of her points are still valid. There's still a steep difference between rich and poor, and men and women. 

I would recommend this book to fans of nineteenth-century literature. It has a delightful little romance that will surely strike the hearts of fans of drawn-out love stories. 

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