Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Statistics Survey

book statstics stats survey

Yes, another survey. I love them so much! And last year Andi and Brittany put this one together but I didn't participate. So this year, I'm giving it a shot!

number of statistics survey

  • Number of books read… 132
    • Under 250 pages (not including novellas): 47
    • Between 400-449 pages: 8
    • Between 450-499 pages: 3
    • Over 500 pages: 17
    • Over 1000 pages: 0
  • Number of…
    • Audiobooks: 0
    • Re-reads: 21
    • DNFs (did not finish): 2
  • Number of books rated…
    • Five Stars: 40
    • One/Two Stars: 22 
  • Number of authors met in 2015: 6
  • Number of book events attended in 2015: 5
  • Number of books you read in one day: 2
  • Number of books that made you cry: 17
  • Number of 2016 books you have on pre-order: 0 (But will eventually do 2 at least)
by the books statistics survey
by the books statistics survey
  • Book read furthest away from home (vacation reads?): (At my parent's house) The Amber Spyglass, The Viscount's Christmas Temptation
  • Book that took you the longest to read: The Shadow Cabinet ( Sorry Maureen!)
  • Book that you personally connected with the most: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
  • Book that made you love the villain: Nimona (who's the villain???)
  • Book you said you’d come back to but still haven’t picked up again: The fourth in the City of Bones books (since like a year and a half ago whoops)
  • Book you read waaaay before it’s publication date: Apparently Bleeding Earth by Kaitlin Ward (it keeps getting pushed back!)
  • Book you read on your birthday: Hunter by Mercedes Lackey or Spinning Starlight by R. C. Lewis
  • Book with a character who shares your name: didn't read any (only know of The Impossible Knife of Memory)
  • Book you weren’t entirely truthful about when rating (Fluff up any ratings? Rated even though you didn’t finish?): Proust and the Squid ( I don't think I read every chapter, we skipped around reading it for class)
  • Book you read in 2015 but already want to re-read: The Daughter of Smoke & Bone series or Visions in Silver
  • Book you borrowed from a friend a long time ago and still have: Cloud Atlas (still haven't read it whoops)
  • Book you wish you could go back and read for the first time again: Any of my rereads from this year (including the one I don't like much).
  • Most books read by one author this year: For rereads, J.K. Rowling. For new (to me) books, Sarah J. Maas
this & that statistics survey
this & that statistics survey
  • Happiest & saddest: Fortunately, the Milk and The Circus Fire
  • Longest & shortest…
    • By page number: Friendship to the Max and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    • By title: Liar/Fade and Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia (not including subtitles) 
    • From buying to reading: The Shadow Cabinet and The Wicked and the Divine
  • Best & worst…
    • Average rating on Goodreads: 3.7
    • Books you read/your rating: Nimona (5 stars) and A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn (1 star)
    • Series enders: Days of Blood & Starlight and Mastiff
  • First & last…
    • Reads of 2015: Ticker by Lisa Mantchev and The Viscount's Christmas Temptation
    • Books on your bookcase (1st book on the top left and last book on the bottom right): awww I'm not at home so I can't see this. Maybe I'll update when I get home.
  • Most disappointing & biggest pleasant surprise: I'll Meet You There and Deerskin
  • Fandom you joined & one you abandoned: Daughter of Smoke and Bone & (I was never in it but...)Fables?
  • Series you picked up & series you quit: Throne of Glass & A Wizard of Earthsea
  • Most lenient & harshest ratings: I can't tell. I feel like I rate according to how I feel so I can't be like oh that was lenient or oh that was harsh.
  • Most hyped & furthest under the radar that you read: Throne of Glass & My Love, My Love by Rosa Guy 
grab bag statistics survey
grab bag statistics survey
  • Book you read that is red: Fire by Kristin Cashore
  • Starts with X, Y, or Z: None!
  • Book you hugged when you finished it: Aristotle and Dante, Vision in Silver or El Deafo
  • Book you wanted to throw across a room: Fade
  • Food you craved while/after reading a certain book: Pizza and suckers (Saint Anything)
  • Book that became an instant go-to recommendation: Nimona
  • Furthest out of your comfort zone: The Radioactive Boy Scout
  • Read on a recommendation (that you may not have picked up yourself):  Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia
  • Forced yourself to finish: A Kiss in Time and Fairest of All (class books booo)
  • Series or author’s works you binged (whether all at once or throughout the year): Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Throne of Glass
That's it lovelies! Let me know if you did the Statistics Survey too! 

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