Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reboot by Amy Tintera is an exciting new look at a genre I had written off.

Let's face it--sometimes we have things. Like y'know, things that we love (vampires!) and things that we dislike (zombies ughhh) but occasionally there will be exceptions to those rules. Reboot is definitely an exception to my general rule.

But let me be honest. Reboot isn't your typical zombie story. There's a startling lack of braaainnss and a surprising surplus of human emotions. Really, the only zombie like bit of Reboot is the fact that all the "reboots" died and then came back some time later.

Reboots are supposedly victims of a disease which infects the living humans and then--if they're young--brings them back to life after they've succumbed to it. Adult reboots aren't allowed. They're killed on-site, apparently crazy. But even without "adults" reboots have a sense of hierarchy. Those that were dead longest have the most seniority, and Wren-178 is by far the longest dead. She believes herself to be removed from humans. She is better: stronger, faster, less likely to be taken out thanks to her superior healing ability. But she also feels like she's less than them--less human. Then a new batch of reboots arrives including Callum-22. He has an embarrassingly low number. Barely even dead before he came back, he's practically human by reboot standards. But Wren begins to feel something for Callum. And she begins making choices she didn't think she would.

The thing I liked most about Reboot was the concept of one person making a difference. It takes Callum for Wren to start questioning her life, but once she begins to pull apart the layers, she can see the hole in the seams of her world. And it's not Callum who provides the most incentive for Wren, it's her best friend, Ever-56.

Overall, I guess what draws me into Reboot is the distinct lack of zombie-ness. I love humanity, even in the afterlife.

Favorite Quotes: "I was. I am. [...] Yours."
"I thought it was more embarrassing to not be able to cry at all."

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