Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hello Lovelies! It's been a zany few weeks for me so I'm just jumping back in as best I can. And this TTT (as always hosted by the Broke and the Bookish) is one of my favorites! I adore books, but I'm a fangirl at heart, and I love things related to books almost as much as the books themselves! So without further ado, here's a round-up of Ten Things Book Related Which I Would Like to Own

THIS super cool book weight which is clear--meaning you can read through it--and capable of holding down pages on a sunny but breezy day. And hey--for only 20$ I might actually invest in this someday!!

Why WOULDN'T I want a snitch necklace? This particular version is available here on Etsy and it's currently on sale! In case anyone's looking for gifts for my August birthday ;)

Not to over load you guys with my devotion to HP, but come on, who wouldn't find this shirt inspiring?? There's lots of other great options at their website.

A tea blend to go with my book! I'm a big fan of Adagio Tea as a company. See if you can track down your favorite fandom!

I don't typically use book ends because I jam my shelves plum full, but if I did, I'd love this version from the Literary Gift Company.

This combo is exactly what I need when I'm wrapped up in a fantastic world (especially if it's one that's going to make me cry!)
Sometimes (usually when I'm writing my reviews) I want something that will hold my book open for me and prop it so I can actually refer to it as I'm typing. This looks like the perfect solution.
Since I got into my grad program, one day I could have a real librarian pin, but until that time I just have to settle with getting this pin and presiding over all the books I own. 
Frankly, I want nothing more than my own card catalog drawer set. I've seen them before at antique malls, and it makes me so sad and I want one so badly but I'm moving too much to get a nice piece of furniture like that. Instead, I might have to settle for this cardboard drawer replica -- which also comes with 30 replicated cards!

This library card catalog pouch is the coolest thing I've seen recently! It'd be perfect to use as a little wallet or a make-up bag!

Well Lovelies, what do you think? What book related item are you dying to add to your belongings?

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