Thursday, July 24, 2014

Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson & the Olympians #004) by Rick Riordan is a pretty solid continuation of the Percy Jackson series. 

I'm going to be honest (and I might have mentioned this in my review of The Titan's Curse), but I just feel like I'm missing something with this series. Like the story lines are fine--they have a pretty good adventure, and they're basically plots you can map out from the get-go, but that's not always a bad thing. The characters are alright: I tend to be a little underwhelmed by them. I find Percy kind of annoying, but I really rather enjoyed Nico over this book and what little part he had in Titan's Curse. The writing isn't bad, but it doesn't give me shivers. I have yet to mark a page number down to say "this quote!! omg this is soooo goood." I just feel steady about this series, I guess. Battle of the Labyrinth was no exception.

The story starts with Percy's high school Freshman orientation (in June--is that a thing that some places do??). Of course, he's attacked by monsters so he has to run away to Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth is finally be chosen to have her own quest--find Daedalus in his Labyrinth so she can get him to help them instead of Lucas. Mischief ensues.

I like these books fine, and I'll continue recommending them to a younger set of readers. I'll also be finishing off this series with The Last Olympian.

Prequel / Sequel Challenge Points: 62 + 2 = 64 points!

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