Monday, July 14, 2014

Blarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hello lovelies. I'm feeling super overwhelmed by life since I'm doing Camp Nanowrimo and trying to move and find a place to live 2600 miles away. So that's my excuse for missing last week. But now you get two weeks in a row. So this week's theme (hosted as always by The Broke and the Bookish) is...

Top Ten Favorite Movies 

(And I picked Scary Movies)

I have a secret. Or I guess I had a secret. And that secret is that I love scary movies. Like anything that plays on gross special effects or melting walls or sudden appearances--I'm totally down for it. (This has only back fired on me once--when I had a panic attack watching Saw 2--I don't wanna talk about it...)

So in no particular order, movies that really impressed me with their scare factors:

1. Thir13een Ghosts -- there's this scene with a glass door that is ingrained in my brain. 
2. Haunting in Conneticut -- aw man, this movie is sooo good. I actually got scared in my own basement after I saw this movie for the first time. 
3.Saw -- This is just like a whole separate world for scary movies. And I loved it. 
4. Cabin in the Woods -- I may or may not have written my Honors undergraduate thesis on Whedon, so is it any surprise that I loved this one?
5. Gremlins -- My friend and I argued about whether this was actually a scary movie, but it's like a horror-comedy. 
6. Nightmare on Elm Street (the original!!) -- I've definitely had a Freddy Krueger nightmare before. Terrifying. 
7. The Ruins -- I'm seriously scared of vines because of this stupid movie. I can no longer sit on my parents' porch. 
8. Final Destination -- Oh man, I loved Devon Sawa when I was younger. And this movie was just so good. 
9. The Frighteners -- Another horror/comedy. It's hilariously delightful. 
10. Army of Darkness -- All I remembered of this movie for the longest time was that a guy had a chainsaw as an arm. And what's not to like about that?

And if you're curious here are my book blogging confessions from last week. 

1. I work at a used/new bookstore so I'm particular about weird facets of book conditions: Absolutely no broken spines or water damage. But I'll occasionally dog ear pages if I don't have any paper scraps handy and I'll write/highlight in favorite books (or school books).
2. I'm trained as a teacher so whenever I'm reading a part of me is thinking would I use this in a classroom? How?
3. I have so many books which I bought at library sales when I was like a freshman in high school which I don't think I'll ever read. I'm finally culling them for my cross-country move.
4. But I keep buying new books, and I tell myself it's okay because I can use them for my classes.
5. I'm going back to school for Children's Literature and Library Science, and I'm so nervous. I worry about maintaining this blog alongside my homework.
6. I don't have any friends on Literally, but I try to keep it updated anyway (hint hint friend me!!).
7. The last two "contemporary adult" books I've read, I've hated. (P.S. I wrote this a week ago before I read Landline (yeah yeah I wrote this down last week and never posted it) which was amazing.).
8. I worry that by reading YA novels I'm stunting my growth or something. (Like how if you didn't eat the right foods or drank too much coffee as a kid.)
9. I'm going to have to ship my books to Boston and I'm worried about both the expense and the impact on my books.
10. I feel guilty when my reviews are super short. 


  1. So many great horror movies on this list! I must say that I am a HUGE fan of the Final Destination franchise. It was the gateway for the gore genre for me. And Their13een Ghosts is the only ever horror movie that I've watched and got genuinely scared. It has haunted me since I watched it as a child haha.

    Here's my TTT

    1. I'm so glad someone else has seen Thir13een Ghosts!! Everyone's always like "I have no idea what you're talking about." It was such an underrated movie when it was released (14 years ago, eeeeeeeek). Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Seriously, how awesome are you?? I have seen all of these except 1, 9 & 10. I'll admit I'm a chicken but a lot of times I just can't resist scary movies. This list is epic.

    1. Thanks Alexis! I'd say of the three you haven't seen, you should definitely watch The Frighteners. It's a really funny movie, so it doesn't have quite the jump-y scare factor as the rest of them. Just lots of ghosts. :D

  3. Army of Darkness is the most amazing movie EVER. Bruce Campbell is awesome.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

    1. Bruce Campbell IS awesome!! It blows my mind when I see him in Burn Notice now though because I'm like where's your chainsaw?? I've also heard Bubba-Ho-Tep is pretty fantastic, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Thanks for commenting!!

  4. I'm almost finished with Landline. I'm enjoying it. I am also really picky about book spines. I generally can't tolerate used books.