Saturday, August 2, 2014

August - October 2014 Reading Challenge

Hi Guys!!

So my friend, Melissa, convinced me to join a young adult book reading group on Goodreads (Crazy for Young Adult Books). One of the things the group does is various reading challenges. I think I'm going to work on two.

The first is a challenge with 2014 releases that occurs between August - October. Here's the list of books I'm planning on reading:

1. Title that is four words long : Everything Leads to You

2. Author debut novel:

3. Girl on cover: The Winner's Curse

4. More than 4 colors on the cover : Like No Other

5. Standalone : Starbird Murphy and the World Outside

6. New To You Author : I'll Give You The Sun

7. Book under 300 pages : The Shadow Hero

8. Author's first name has the same amount of letters as your first name :

9. Cover you love :

10. Male author :

11. A book centered around traveling or a road trip : Royally Lost

12. Recommendation from a friend : Don't Look Back

13. Author you love : Isla and the Happily Ever After

14. Cover that is the color of your eyes : The Well's End

15. A book of your choice  :

(And to be honest, I went through and picked all these out at work, and then I left my list in my apron. So I'll be editing this to add in the 5 I can't remember.)

The other challenge is an alphabet based challenge.  For this one, I think I'm going to start at this point in the year, so I'll definitely be double-dipping between the two.

Have you ever done a reading challenge, lovelies? How'd it go? Let me know in the comments!

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