Saturday, August 2, 2014

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater was a bit of a let-down. 

Shiver is the first in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series. It's a dual narrative, switching perspective between Grace and Sam. Sam is a werewolf--but not your traditional werewolf. He can't switch back and forth at will. His change is forced by the cold. Grace is a human who has been in love with the wolves around her house since she was attacked as a child. An accident brings them together, and once they're together they're unwilling to let each other go.

I'm not sure why exactly Shiver didn't do it for me. I mean, I was promised werewolves, but that was a little lacking. The entire book is more about Grace and Sam's love for each other than the fact that there are werewolves. I mean, I was promised a love story, and I wasn't super enthusiastic about that either. It felt a little bit contrived. And it was based around a little bit of a hero-loving complex. 

Overall, I just felt a little underwhelmed by this book.

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