Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello Lovelies!! Yes, once again, I didn't get my Top Ten Tuesday post up on a Tuesday, but I really wanted to share my choices, so here they are. (Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish )

My Top Ten Books I'd Give to Readers Who Have Never Read Graphic Novels

For readers who enjoy alternate readings of history and a little darkness:

For readers who enjoy superheroes and multiple generation storylines: 

For readers who enjoy story lines (with bonus humor!) that begin in separate places but merge:

For readers who enjoy more recent history through an individual's perspective:

For readers who enjoy unique (and a little bizarre) storylines:

For readers who enjoy sassy superheroes:

For readers who enjoy adventure with a side of fantasy:

For readers who value humor (with a dash of seriousness) but don't feel quite ready for the full-on graphic novel format:

For readers who enjoy unusual non-human main characters and adventures:

And for readers who want to read what's new and popular (to be honest, I haven't read this one quite yet, but I'm psyched for it!!!):

So what do you think lovelies?? Which of these have you read? Which graphic novels would you suggest to me??

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