Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blogging Goals for 2015

Hello Lovelies!

This Top Ten Tuesday (as always by The Broke and the Bookish ) is all about next year. So without further ado, my Top Ten Goals for Blogging in 2015.

1. Comment on 5 blogs a week. 
Last year, my goal was to just get commenting! And I did comment occasionally, but nearly as much as I'd like to. So for a set goal. Comment on 5 blogs a week. That is 100% doable.

2. Get better at design.
I'm keeping this one. I've been learning a bit as I go, but I think it's definitely something that I want to keep learning about. Always useful skills to have anyway!

3. Write one review post and one discussion post a week. 
I made a goal last year to blog 3x a week, and that did not happen. Plus once, I started my graduate program, I skipped blogging even once a week a lot. So I'm hoping if I restrict it to one review post and one discussion post, I'll stick to it.

4. Finish any Dangling Series left from this year. 
Woo! This is going to be a tough one. I have 12 books that have at least a sequel to read. For me, this might also mean just dropping the series if I decide I don't like it. But at least it'll be dealt with.

5. Read 150 books.
Last year, my goal was to read 100 books, and I'm at 139 right now with like 36 hours to go!! I never thought I would hit 100, so I'm going to aim extra high for next year.

6. Read 1 book I own for every 1 new book.
I set this goal last year, and I didn't quite make it. I read about half as many previously owned book as new books. But all the books I bought last year when working at a bookstore will now count as previously owned, and I'm not going to count books I have to borrow from the library for school, so I think this will be much more doable this year.

7. Actually participate in a readathon. 
I had this goal for last year, but since I didn't really understand, I didn't get it done. I'm going to aim for one next summer!

8. Reread 15 books.
I want to read books I loved in the past! I set a goal of 5 for last year and read 7 (although they were all for classes).

9. Work on culling.
This is a constant work in progress. But I have almost all books that I haven't read with me in Boston, so I need to read them, so I can decide whether to keep them or not.

10. Start a weekly thing!
I love participating in Top Ten Tuesdays, but I'd also love to have something that's my own. I've been debating a couple ideas for this, so I think I'm going to try a couple out next week! I'll see how it goes. Check back to see what they are!!

What about you lovelies? What are your goals for the new year??


  1. I love rereading. I'm an absolute huge fan of it, but it's getting difficult because there are so many books to read.

    Good luck with all your goals.

    Here's mine

    1. Thanks Danica! I love rereading too because I always feel like I notice something new, but you're right, there are so many good looking books to read! It's hard to revisit an old favorite when a new favorite could be behind the next cover!!