Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Tale Gone Awry

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman fantastically describes a father's adventure on his quest for milk.

I've been a fan of Gaiman since I read Good Omens in high school. His younger works have been hit or miss for me (loved Blueberry Girl, but The Wolves in the Walls just leaves me adrift). Skottie Young's illustrations definitely drew me to this book as well. Look at that cover! It's so beautiful and intriguing!

The story is delightful and creative. Gaiman ties off every loose end except for the ultimate question of: is the father making up the trip? I loved his open ending. The illustrations accompany every twist and turn with exactitude. 

This would make an excellent read-aloud in a classroom or at home. Perfect for beginning readers or those who have moved on to transitional novels (think Alvin Ho!). I read a library copy and bought one for myself within days of reading it.

Favorite Quotes: We have spoons. Spoons are excellent. Sort of like forks, only not as stabby.

If we are going to be rescued, it will always be while walking the plank.

Dinosaurs LOVE breakfast cereal.

"Thank you by the way," said a little thin man. "I was going to be the sacrifice if no one else turned up. Much obliged."

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