Saturday, February 15, 2014

Questions asked by Grad School

Hello Lovelies!

So, as I have mentioned a time or two, I'm working on applying to a graduate school program in Boston. As part of the application, I'm asked to write a "Statement of Purpose."  The prompt for this statement is given as "Describe your intellectual goals in seeking this degree. highlight your academic or professional engagement with children's/young adult literature and discuss the questions about children's/young adult literature that have interested you and will influence your study."


I just....what?? I mean, do I have intellectual goals?

My life is all about learning and sharing that learning with others. That's really all I want to do. I'm not sure how to relay that into an "intellectual goal" for (basically) an essay.

And that's only the first part of the question!

The even harder part is to describe what questions about children's/young adult literature interest me and would influence my study.
There's so much!!

I love retellings. I love when gender roles are subverted. I love dystopian novels. I love how dystopian novels show the real concerns about humanity. I love strong female characters. I love books about love. I love books about friendships. I love booooooooooooooooooks.

So this is what I'm dealing with. How do I compress a lifetime's worth of devotion to a certain kind of book into one statement of purpose that's sensible and written well enough to get me into graduate school?

Well, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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