Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hello Lovelies!

You might remember this goal post about what I wanted to do with my blog in 2014. My friend did a similar recap of her goals on one of her sites, so I sort of stole this idea from her.

1. Get Commenting : So far, not bad. I haven't commented on every blog post I've read, because often I don't have much to say, but I have left a few comments which I thought were meaningful.

2. Get better at design: Obviously not much has happened there. I tried to figure out how to add a few buttons to my side bar, but I don't have enough time right at the moment.

3. Blog at least 3x a week: Success! It hasn't always been on the schedule I was trying to keep, but it's happened.

4. Finish 3 series: Not yet, but I am steadily making my way through the Chaos Walking series, and I only have a book and a half left of the Uglies series.

5. Read 100 books: 9 so far! Goodreads says I'm one ahead of schedule, woot!

6. Read 1 book I own for every new book or ARC: It hasn't been 100% accurate, but I've read 5 books I owned before 2014 and 4 that were new to me this year.

7. Participate in a Readathon : I put aside Anna and the French Kiss at work, so I could participate in a readathon for that! But haven't completed yet.

8. Gain 5 followers: No luck yet. Alas. Or I don't know how to see these things.

9. Reread 5 book : Not yet! But I'm definitely thinking it's going to be HP.

10. Pare down book owning: I've taken in two boxes of books to work, so that's good!

11. Read a classic a month: Sure! Technically I finished it today which is the first of February, but I'm going to make the executive decision that it counts :)

How are your New Year's Resolutions going??

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