Thursday, January 9, 2014

Books Recs : The Pros and the Cons

Hello Lovelies!!

So I've been thinking lately about book recommendations.

I work at a bookstore in the young adult/kids section so it's not uncommon for people to ask me for book recommendations at work. I love, love, love that part of my job!!

But there are pros and cons for book recommendations.

Pro: I love suggesting books to people!

Con: I only feel comfortable suggesting books which I've read before. And as a sidenote to that con, I can only read so many books. (No matter how hard I try, there are just too many to read them all!)

Pro: I get to share wonderful books with people who otherwise might not have picked them up.

Con: Sometimes people don't listen to the suggestions I make and that makes me sad.

But here's the other thing about book recommendations. I'm not the only one to make them. People make them to me too. ALL. THE. TIME.

Now don't get me wrong!! I love being told to pick books up!! But here's the other thing...

People will suggest books to me or (even worse) lend me books, and I am the worst at reading them!! It's no that I don't want to, it's just that I have way too many books to read already. And I am terrible at shuffling books up the ladder to read them. Like once I borrowed a book from my friend for literally five years. 

I'm pretty sure I still have a few books which I've borrowed from various people and have not returned. If I've borrowed a book from you and you know it, PLEASE TELL ME. I AM THE WORST.

I've also had a book from a very dear friend that I haven't read but she gave me and it's been like two and a half years--eep!!

I appreciate the thought that someone read a book and thought I would like it, but it's so hard to work the book in.

It's even worse when I end up not liking it. Because how do you tell someone who liked the book enough to recommend it that you didn't like it??

It kills this girl.

So how do you feel about book recommendations? Take 'em? Leave 'em? How do you break it to someone when you didn't like the book they recommended?? Let me know in the comments!

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