Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello Lovelies!

This is gonna be a three part blog post today so feel free to skip around to what interest you.

Things that are on My Mind

Since I've been loving talking about something new every week, I think I'm just gonna call this "Things that are on My Mind". Today what's been on my mind is the hook in a book. Not the opening line or whatever "special" premise the author or agent might call a hook, but the part of the book that sinks its teeth into you to get you to keep reading. 

I started The Knife of Never Letting Go yesterday morning, and I can't stop thinking about it. I could hardly stop reading to write this blog post! Suffice it to say I'm definitely hooked.

But what was it that hooked me?? How did I go from, oh someone I know likes this book, I'll give it a shot to ARGH WHY DO I HAVE TO PUT THIS DOWN TO EAT?? WHY DON'T I HAVE A THIRD HAND??

I think for this particular book it's the anticipation that I'm loving. I have no idea where Ness is going with the story. I don't know what's going to happen to Todd. But I want to find out. I'd say that for me 85% of the time a book's hook is my anticipation of finding out what's next. The other 15% of the time, I fall in love with a character immediately and just want to read about them forever and ever. 

Sometimes a book never hooks me. Usually I still finish books, but I think I'm getting more and more prepared to mark books as did not finish instead of forcing myself to read through them (and potentially wasting my own time).

So what's your hook? What is something an author can do to get you to not want to put a book down?


Above you should see a little button that says 2014 Prequel and Sequel Challenge. Remember how one of my blogging goals for 2014 included "Finish 3 series"? Well this challenge is going to get me far, far beyond 3 series. I'm excited to see how many points I can rack up. Follow this link to check out the rules and link up yourself!

And finally part three,

I can't remember which blog I follow mentioned Middle Grade March, but I'm so enthusiastic about this idea!! If you've read my About Me, you'll know that I work in the young adult/kid's section of a bookstore, and I frequently have customers ask me for recommendations. I can give fantastic recommendations for picture books and beginning readers and young adult books, but I really struggle with middle grade suggestions. This challenge will allow me to expand my expertise in this area, as well as getting me closer and closer to my 100 books goal!

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