Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello lovelies!!

It's been a pretty good week here.

Let's see, this week I...

Brought in the New Year by doing absolutely nothing.

Started watching Scandal (oh my god it's so good! How had I not started it before??)

Finished watching the second season of American Horror Story.

Had two days off in a row--which was super weird but also rather delightful.

Went shopping with some friends and found an awesome purse.

Finished my first scarf!! Check it out:

Yeah yeah it got a little lopsided, but it's kind of cute!

Had dinner with a few friends--we played parcheesi and the only person who'd never played before won, haha. It wasn't me. :(

Went to a hockey game with a few coworkers--super fun!

I started up a few of my resolutions. So far, I've already finished one book. Check out my review of Shattering Glass here . I also managed to squeak in FOUR posts this week. My TTT on favorite books of 2013, my 2013 year in review survey, my rant on love triangles and now my week in review!

What about you? Did you have a great new year? Let me know down in comments!

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