Sunday, May 4, 2014

On the Arrangement of Books and the Impossibilities of To-do Lists

Hello Lovelies!

I made a trip to my local public library today. It was lovely. But it got me thinking about the various ways to arrange books.

At my house, I have my books arranged by read/ to-read then by color. It works for me because I'm a fairly visual person so I remember what covers I have for books. And I have them separated by read / to-read so that I can see the ones I need to-read. It's an impetus to get me to read the books I own.

My roommate, on the other hand, prefers to keep her books separated by subject. She would love to have them alphabetically after that, but with our shelving situation at the moment, she hasn't been able to do that.

At work, we keep our books separated into genres than alphabetically by author's last name.

At the library, the books are simply alphabetical by author's last name.

So why did I want to write about this? Because I was thinking when I was at the library about all the books people miss out on simply because they believe they like a certain kind of genre. I'm not going to say that they don't. But I can't even say how many books I've picked up because I noticed the cover or spine art at the library that I didn't know a thing about and ended up loving. I tend to prefer Fantasy novels, but if I only ever looked in a fantasy section, that's all I'd ever read. Of course it'd be the only thing I liked. But if I open myself up to other genres, I find favorite books based on the stories and the writing instead of the "genre".

The impossibilities of to-do lists frustrates me. I hate to-do lists at the same time that I love them. Without them, my life would be a mess. I get obsessive with planners when I'm in classes. But I also hate the necessity of them. I wish I could read what I want to read when I want to read it. But like right now, I need to read Orange is the New Black for my book club on Wednesday night, and I also need to read Mansfield Park for a scholarship essay that's due on the 15th. And I want to read The Elite since The One comes out on Tuesday. And on and on and on. There's always more books to read, and to-do lists make me focus on one above the other and I don't particularly like that.

Anyway. I hope your lives are going swell, lovelies. Let me know how you arrange your books in the comments!

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