Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer is the equally excellent sequel to Cinder. Now, you might know that I generally don't like second books in series that much, but Scarlet was fantastic. Maybe it's because Meyer introduces a new set of characters while simultaneously following the story line that she introduced in the first novel. Maybe it's just because Meyer is a fantastic writer. But no matter which way I spin it, I just know that I devoured Scarlet almost as quickly as Cinder and enjoyed it almost as much (if not--eep!-- more).

Scarlet follows Cinder's escape attempt from prison. In France, we meet Scarlet (the titular character) who is searching for her missing grandmother while trying to keep their farm business afloat. She meets a stranger in town who goes by the name of Wolf and might have some clues as to where Scarlet's grandmother is at.

I was just as enthralled by the universe in this novel. Meyer fleshes out that space travel more, and she allows us more knowledge of things that were only hinted at in the first book. And I swear my heart just melted at a couple points.

After I finished, I immediately texted my friend that we needed to talk about how amazing this series is. I can't understand how it hasn't gotten huge huge huge yet!!!

Seriously, guys, if you haven't started The Lunar Chronicles yet, pick it up!

Prequel / Sequel Challenge Points: 48 + 2 = 50 pts!

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