Monday, February 23, 2015

Change of Pace

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall is a delightful love story from an outside perspective.

Everyone can see that Lea and Gabe are meant for each other. In 14 different viewpoints, the reader gets to see what other people see. Why do these two keep orbiting around each other? Will they ever get together?

The concept of this book is really inventive. Seeing how two people interact through all the other people they cross paths with was interesting. As a people watcher myself, I love to wonder about other people's lives. And this book sort of fed that. At the same time, I think a lot of my favorite, heart-clenching love moments come from the personal thoughts or private interactions between two people. So while I enjoyed this a lot, I also felt like it was missing something. 

Some of the viewpoints were also a bit cheesy. Baristas, professors, classmates, and friends are all pretty normal viewpoints. But the squirrel and the bench were odd. And I love using inanimate objects as characters and seeing animal thoughts, but Hall didn't quite manage to pull them off for me every time. Squirrel was really good the first time, but the others were a little less great. 

Ultimately I really liked it. And I would definitely recommend it to people who enjoy romance. I'm excited to see what else Hall comes out with, and I would love to see this style have a few other contributors. 

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