Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WCW: Elizabeth Wein

This week's wcw features a baby crush. A blooming crush. A I need to read the rest of your books immediately crush.

Elizabeth Wein is the semi-recently newly published author of several YA historical fiction books, as well as many short stories. 

Her first series is the Arthurian Sequence which is a retelling of the Arthur legends. Her newest books while not a series, have a main connecting theme. 

Code Name Verity was the first historical fiction novel I'd read in a while and it was fantastic. It's been awarded several major honors. There's a sequel of sorts out: Rose Under Fire. And a third Black Dove, White Raven coming out in March. 

Wein currently lives in Scotland, although she lived in numerous places when she was younger. 

I would recommend her books to fans of historical fiction or people who enjoy strong female characters in any genre.  

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