Monday, February 2, 2015

Find a Little Hope

Vision in Silver is Anne Bishop's newest novel in the Others series. 

*** I received a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

I'm obsessed with Bishop's Others series. There really isn't another word for it. If you haven't read Written in Red (#1) yet, I really encourage you to go pick up a copy. Anyone who knows me or has been following my blog for awhile is aware that I rarely read non-YA books. Bishop is an author who I adore and always read. 

There's a lot of great things about Vision in Silver. We learn more about Thasia and the world of the Others and the humans. The tension that was seen in Written in Red and continued to build in Murder of Crows begins to come to a head in Vision in Silver. The relationships between humans and Others continue to grow. I love seeing the Others (who are capable of destroying humans) threaten bad humans for the sake of humans they love. It's the ultimate protector of the people type of relationship and I adore it.

I love that we see more of the Courtyard. I love that Meg hasn't become some kind of wunderkind who can solve every problem and fix all the wrongs in the Courtyard. She continues to grow and make mistakes and learn. I love that we get to meet new characters and see possible outcomes.

Bishop is an amazing writer. She's funny and witty and builds suspense carefully. I love that she can make me fully support a relationship when the two people involved share nothing more than casual (more or less) touches. 

I am so glad I got to read this book early, but at the same time, the wait for the next one is going to be awful. Bishop wraps up just enough that the book feels contained as a story, but she definitely leaves some pretty major ends left to tie up in one of the upcoming books.

I still would recommend this series to people who enjoy urban fantasies and slow-build relationships.

Favorite Quote (Taken from the ARC and subject to change):
One chance [...] One chance to show us you're not all monsters.

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