Saturday, February 28, 2015

Things I've Loved in February

1. In Your Eyes: So good! So cute! Thanks to Jamie at Perpetual Page Turner for posting it on her own monthly review.

2. Baawat-e-Ishq: I don't watch a lot of Bollywood movies, so I don't know how good this is quality-wise, but I loved it! A girl who is tired of having guys ask her father for exorbitant dowrys (which are illegal anyway but still frequently required for marriages), decides to fool a suitor into believing her father and her are very rich and to give them a dowry. The plan is to blackmail them into giving them the dowry in order to drop the lawsuit, and then Gullu and her father can go to America. Of course, nothing goes according to plan.

It was really interesting watching this movie because a lot of it is in, I'm guessing, Hindi, but a lot of words are also stolen from the English language and Gullu loves speaking English too. So you definitely have to read the subtitles, but there are also parts that are understandable to English speakers.

3. A Christmas Kiss: Yes, I watched a Christmas themed movie in February. But it was so cute! It was the perfect amount of cheesy and heart-warming.  It just made me keep smiling,  and it's a little ridiculous and insta-matchy but I still really enjoyed it.

**And yes, I accidentally posted this without finishing writing it, oops! Here's the rest...**

TV Shows:
1. How to Get Away with Murder: It came back and it's already done for the season! I can't believe it. I'm so obsessed with this show.

2. Friends: My roommate and I have been watching this since Netflix released the seasons January 1, but I feel like this month we watched even more.

3. X-Files: Another one my roommate and I have been working through, this has been big for us this month.

4. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: We've been watching this via screenshare with another friend, and it's so good! But we have to match up our schedules, so that's been rough. Can't wait to finish season 2 soon!

1. Obsessed with a few illustrators that I recently found through class: Shane Evans, Cybele Young and Oliver Jeffers.

2. Finished the Hunt Records with Mastiff, which let me down hard.

3. Right in the middle of the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series by finished Days of Blood & Starlight

Other Things:

1. Grey matte nail polish! I have no idea why, but I love it.

2. Nature box: got my trial two days ago, and I've almost eaten everything in the box. So yummy!!

3. Taylor Swift and Elle King: basically been listening to these two on repeat.

I can't believe this month has already finished! My beautiful friend Melissa and her delightful boyfriend (also my friend) Steve are moving out here this week, and I could not be more excited!! I also have spring break, so maybe I'll have a chance to explore the Boston area--although it still definitely does not feel like spring yet. It seems like the weather is finally getting warmer though yay!

How was your February lovelies? Let me know in the comments!

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